Meagan Hassan for Justice

A Progressive Constitutionalist for the People

Meagan Hassan is a civil rights lawyer and Constitutionalist who has spent the majority of her legal career fighting injustices committed by state and local government authorities.  She believes that the Constitution is a progressive document, both now and at the time of its drafting via visionaries who understood the art and importance of compromise; in order to do justice to their vision we must continue reasonably expanding its protections so that all the People thereunder are treated equally fairly and in accordance with their reasonable expectations in a proudly civilized society. These protections inherently lose their value when subsets of the People are excluded; the Founders designed a document that could change according to the needs of our society. That is their legacy to us and from us to our future. 

She believes that the courts should serve as a vital and important check on the administrative and legislative branches of the government and that this check is sorely missing in our system in Texas today.  The law should not favor any one interest or party over another, and it should not be a revolutionary idea to want the courts to apply the law to every party.  As a civil rights lawyer in one of the most difficult areas of the country for civil rights protections, Meagan has seen first hand the abuses by the courts in stretching and manipulating the law to favor certain interests.  Criminal justice reform and protecting the rights of individuals runs right through the Courts of Appeals.

In addition to the State of Texas, Meagan is also licensed in all federal district courts in Texas, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, the Fifth Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.  She has filed cases in the Courts of Appeals at both the state and federal level, one of which established the important right of individuals to film the police (Turner v. Driver, 5th Cir. 2016).

Meagan is a native of Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University School of Law before moving to Texas to practice in Austin, but she got to Houston as fast as she could.  Meagan loves the rich and diverse culture in Houston and the Gulf Coast, the different foods and friendly people, and the fact that she never has to shovel snow again.  In her free time, Meagan dabbles in carpentry and loves to take road trips with her family and two dogs.